Caruana knows, Caruana does

Active in the market since 2008, Caruana is a financial institution authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil. Specialized in the passenger transportation segment, one of its main objectives is to finance urban mobility through specially developed products for this market, such as Direct Consumer Credit for bus acquisitions and innovative payment solutions for transportation companies and users. It is guided by the principles of valuing human capital, ethics in business and value creation for the activities of its clients in a continuous and sustainable way.

The strategic objectives are to provide credit, financing and investment to the transport sector, especially direct consumer credit to finance bus purchases, as well as to carry out active, passive and accessory operations inherent to its portfolio, including Issuing and administering credit cards, prepaid cards and other electronic payment methods, also administering payments to accredited establishments, in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions in the conduct of their business.


Company History


Governance Structure of Controls

The existing control structure is compatible with the size and complexity of operations:


Credit analysis



Products and Marketing



Internal Law

Risk Management Area

I.T. and Procedures

Products Background

Internal Control Area/AML

Internal Audit


The committee structure encompasses all relevant aspects of the organization:


Executive Committee

Billing Committee

AML Committee

I.T., Projects and Products Committee

Credit Committee

Risk Management Committee

External Audit (Deloitte)

Institutional Rating (S&P)



Presence throughout the national territory