CDC Caruana (Direct Consumer Credit)

It is a credit line* specifically designed to finance new or used buses for use in the public transport segment. Caruana is a leading company in the sector, granting credit to legal entities throughout the national territory.

Advantages of CDC Caruana

  • It is a flexible product in terms
  • Easy to get
  • Competitive interest rates for transportation companies
  • Expertise of one of the best financial institutions focused on mobility
  • Ideal for the acquisition of buses for cities, interstate roads or charter collective transportation
  • Possibility of debt settlement in advance

Working Capital

It is a Credit Line* intended for legal entities. Ideal to meet the cash needs of your company, which receives the contracted value in one go and paid in installments, according to the payment plan chosen. Use according to your need.

Advantages of Working Capital

  • Increase in cash flow
  • Without the need to prove the destination of the resource
  • Payment terms that can be negotiated according to the needs of the company
  • Possibility of debt settlement in advance

Receivables Discount

Now your company has the convenience to sell on installments and the facility to receive immediately and anticipate revenues, with the best market conditions. Count on all the security of Caruana to receive the available funds in an account quickly and easily, with the advantage of the payment of duplicates by the drawee being used to settle the respective discount operation, without transit through your company’s current account.

Advantages of Receivables Discount

  • Advance sales figures without compromising the relationship with the customer
  • Credit limit is made available according to your term sales flow.
  • Flexible deadline

Revolving Credit

Fast and easy credit to meet your company’s cash flow needs. Easy access to credit with simple and quick redemptions, and yet:

  • Interest only on value used
  • Simplicity and agility
  • Resources like credit guarantee

* Operation subject to credit analysis