Credit Cards

Credit cards intended for investors and business partners, able to make purchases in Brazil and abroad with all the convenience of Caruana’s digital services, with up to 40 days to pay the invoice. Through our mobile application and internet banking digital channels, you can still pay your water, electricity, telephone bills and other bank slips, recharge your cell phone, make withdrawals on the entire Banco24Horas network, transfers – TED, PIX and purchases at all MasterCard’s accredited network in commercial establishments or over the internet.

Prepaid Cards and Cash-in Network

Cards for payment of salaries or hybrids with access to transport, which offer all the convenience to customers, such as payment of water, electricity, telephone bills and other bank slips, cell phone recharge, withdrawals from the entire Banco24Horas network, purchases at stores or through the Internet. Caruana also has extensive experience in the implementation of the cash-in network, an ideal tool for transport operators, as it offers low-cost card recharge services to commercial establishments, favouring the capillarity of the system.

Mobile Apps

The Caruana App is one of the best mobile banking tools on the market. Fast, stable and secure, it offers all financial services to its customers, such as payment of water an sewer services, electricity, telephone, and other bank charges, prepaid mobile phone recharge, check balances and bank statements, SMS notifications, all the banking operations in the palm of the hand, without agencies or queues. It is available for free on the Google Play and App Store platforms, and can even be customized to any hybrid transport card, also adding ticketing functions to transport users.