The Corporate Governance structure has the purpose of facilitating the process of discussion of matters of Institutional relevance and of forwarding the decision making process, having the following composition:

• Board of Executive Officers – Statutory officers, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. They are ultimately responsible for strategic decisions and positions. Its attributions follow the indications contained in UNICAD.

• Executive Committee – Its purpose is to discuss and refer to matters and projects of institutional importance.

• Credit Committee – Evaluates technical studies on the client’s economic and financial conditions, guarantees, rating, etc., and issues opinions on the analyzes, assisting and providing indications to the board regarding the approval or refusal of the credit operation.

• AML Committee – Evaluates the analyzes of the Internal Controls/AML area and the financial Transactions Evaluation Group, issuing an opinion on the need for an indication to the competent authorities.

• I.T., Projects and Products Committees – Defines plans and updates regarding products and technology.

• Compliance – Caruana has a computerized tool under the management of the Internal Controls Area, whose objective is to monitor the execution of relevant controls and legal and regulatory requirements. In addition, the Area participates in several activities, such as the standardization and uniformity of institutional policies of the main organizational processes; monitoring legal changes that may impact organizational activities and guidelines; Monitoring of financial transactions, in light of the regulations on the prevention of money laundering.

• Risk Committee – Assists in defining the limits of risks that the company may incur. Receives information from the risk manager and risk collection and monitoring group, proposing a corrective action plan, if necessary.

• Socio-environmental Responsibility Policy – To download click here. (Portuguese Language)