Update your antivirus
A lot of people think that just installing an antivirus make their computer to be protected, but not quite. It is necessary to update it regularly, otherwise the antivirus will not know  new viruses emergences. Basically all available antivirus programs allow you to configure automatic updates. Check the software help files or developer site for updates.


Create hard breaking passwords
Do not use passwords that are easy to break such as name of relatives, birthday, car name, etc.. Give preference to sequences that mix letters, numbers and even special symbols. Also, do not use a combination that is less than 6 characters long as a password. Most importantly: Do not save your passwords in Word files or any other program. If you need to keep a password on paper (in extreme cases), destroy it as soon as you memorize the sequence. Avoid using the same password for multiple services.


Fake Employees
If you are approached by a person who identifies himself as a company employee, before any identity confirmation or other information, ask for the presentation of the badge with the company logo.


Fake email alert
Caruana Financeira does not use the user’s e-mail for any purpose other than sending informative or advertising content to those who have opted to receive them previously. Even after this option, each email will contain a link to cancel the submission.


Never make initial deposit to get loan

The Central Bank of Brazil warns about attempted coups in which people or false financial institutions, using the name of institutions authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil or their representatives, or citing the names of servers and regulations of this autarchy, require the payment of deposits , etc., as a condition for the release of loans.

This is an attempted fraud, as financial institutions authorized to operate do not require prepayments, especially in favor of third parties, for the granting of loans.


Preventively, the Central Bank recommends to the population that:

  • Never make any initial deposit to obtain loans, mainly on accounts of individuals;
  • Avoid making loans with unknown companies that advertise in newspapers, the internet or other media that have no headquarters;
  • Never believe very advantageous or facilitated credit offers that do not provide guarantor or do not consult restrictive registers (SPC and Serasa, for example);
  • Always look for a financial institution or consortium administrator authorized by the Central Bank and make sure that you are actually dealing with the institution in question.

Caruana is duly authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil. Click here to check.


Corporate Cyber Security and Information Policy