Corporate Bank Account

Receive payments from debit and credit cards directly on your Caruana Corporate Bank Account. As a result, with your receivables being credited to your account, you gain simplicity, agility, security and all other services you need.


  • Transfer your receipts with more speed
  • More security in financial transactions
  • More advantageous rates
  • Digital Bank Account through mobile App

Suppliers Payments

Payments automation, ensuring productivity, cost savings and more security. Your company schedules and provides the financial resources, then Caruana liquidates the commitments with all suppliers.


  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Agility
  • Easiness

Billing System

Now your company can take on a Billing System service that goes from beginning to end of the process, quickly, safely and without bureaucracy. There are several modalities to assist transportation companies anywhere in the country.


  • Online registration of your bank slips all over the national territory
  • Management of your portfolio in our channels (expired, due and to due bills)
  • Security and reliability informations
  • Payment of expired bank slips in any bank